Top 10 Canggu

Top 10 Canggu


Fine dining meets affordability. Enjoy the Wagyu burger, fresh seafood, and exquisite wine selection. Relish the elegant ambiance in the dining room or terrace. Exceptional service guaranteed.



A sunset-viewing gem. Savor a delicious pavlova and octopus. Small portions, but each bite is a culinary delight. The rib eye and pork dishes are top-notch, alongside the perfect daiquiri.


TYGR Sushi Bali

Known for the best sushi with fresh, delicious flavors, especially when enjoyed at the bar. Quick service, great lunch deals, and weekly promos. Signature dishes like California Roll and Chicken Gyoza, is highly recommended.


Yema Kitchen

Enjoy laid back Mediterranean vibe and try their Ratatouille, Turkish Gozleme and signature Chicken Shawarma.


The Back Room

Offers unique house-made and classic drinks, finest wines. Quiet ambiance, perfect for socializing. Don't miss the vibrant Sunday Afro Roots party. Highly recommended.


Two Moods

Delicious food and warm staff energy. Ideal for weekly visits and lively Friday parties. Cozy, with tasty dishes like grilled avocado. Great for breakfast to dessert.


The Sommelier

Best for wine aficionados, offering a top-notch selection and authentic European vibe. A big variety worth for the expert pairings. Great escape from Canggu's chaos, with excellent food and cigar options.


Lyma Beach

Perfect for celebrations, this place offers amazing views and a warm, laid-back atmosphere, ideal for birthdays with helpful staff ensuring a great experience. Best sunsets and live music around. 


Rize Bali

Renowned for the island's best pancakes and divine mango lassi. A top breakfast destination with a relaxing ambiance, combining indoor and outdoor dining. Big on flavor, it's a must-visit for food enthusiasts.



Home & office for digital nomads. Stop by for a few hours to work and enjoy the food, pool and company.


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