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Mechanic Mesin Perahu

Bahwa GoBoat yang saat ini yang berlokasi di Kedonganan, Badung Bali sedang merekrut Mechanik untuk mengawasi dan merawat mesin kami. Dipastikan semua tugas pekerjaan yang diserahkan kepadanya dapat diandalkan. Dan semua detail terkait perawatan mesin tercatat di buku besar mechanic. Sehingga untuk tahapan perawatan dan perbaikan kedepan Perusahaan memiliki data yang akurat.

Deskripsi Tanggung Jawab Pekerjaan:

  • Melakukan pemeriksaan dan perawatan secara berkala terhadap mesin perahu dan motor
  • Membuat laporan atau catatan secara detail dan jelas terkait mesin perahu dan motor ( perawatan dan perbaikan )
  • Memahami kualitas barang saat pembelian
  • Mampu berkolaborasi dengan tim guna meningkatkan mutu pelayanan Perusahaan kepada konsumen
  • Menyampaikan kepada tim terkait pergantian untuk perawatan mesin secara berkala
  • Berhati-hati di dalam mengikuti SOP dan PNP Perusahaan guna keselamatan benda, manusia dan sekitar
  • Menjaga kebersihan ruang kerja, alat kerja dan mesin
  • Mengikuti pelatihan terkait yang diselenggarakan oleh Yamaha
  • Memberikan umpan balik dan rekomendasi yang berharga untuk meningkatkan penawaran layanan dan efisiensi operasional kami

Standar Kualifikasi:

  • Memiliki pengalaman pada bidang yang kami butuhkan
  • Mempunyai Ijasah yang sesuai dengan dunia permesinan
  • Mempunyai pengetahuan mesin perahu Yamaha yang mendalam dan dapat diandalkan
  • Detail dan Informatif
  • Kemampuan berkomunikasi yang baik baik tertulis maupun lisan
  • Kemahiran dalam memanfataakan alat kerja yang berkaitan dengan mesin produk Yamaha
  • Tulus dan Profesional 

Cara Melamar untuk posisi ini:

Kirimkan CV terbaru anda pada email ‘’ “ dengan subjek bertuliskan pada email nama anda – posisi yang dilamar.


Andrean – Mechanic 

Atau mengirimkan pada nomor whatsapp ‘’ +62 813-3855-5697 “ ( chat only )

Posisi yang dilamar:
Perusahaan di tuju: PT. Bali Island Ticket
Tanggal Mengirim Lamaran:
Tanggal bisa bergabung:
Alamat saat ini:
Dengan melampirkan CV terbaru anda.

Executive Assistant

GoBoat is seeking an energetic and reliable Executive Assistant to join our dynamic team. This role will support our management and operations by executing various tasks, from administrative support to hands-on assistance with our boats. This is an exciting opportunity for an individual with a strong sense of responsibility, excellent communication skills, and a passion for the boating industry.


  • Administrative Support: Follow tasks and instructions provided by the manager promptly and accurately, ensuring efficient and effective completion of duties. Maintain open lines of communication, seeking clarification or guidance as needed.
  • Marketing Assistance: Assist with marketing efforts such as creating and putting up banners, posters, and other promotional materials.
  • Boat Maintenance: Maintain, clean, and inspect boats, equipment, and facilities, and coordinate repairs as required.
  • Event Planning: Help in planning and executing GoBoat events, taking care of logistics and on-site support.
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate with team members to ensure smooth operations and exceptional customer experiences.
  • Industry Knowledge: Stay updated on boating industry trends, safety protocols, and regulations, participating in training and continuous learning.
  • Environmental Contribution: Actively contribute to environmental initiatives like beach clean-ups and recycling partnerships.
  • Customer Service: Provide top-notch customer service by addressing inquiries and concerns promptly.
  • Driving and Delivery Assistance: Handle driving and delivery tasks, ensuring safe and timely transportation of goods and documents. Manage mail and delivery services as needed.
  • High School Diploma or equivalent; prior experience in a similar role is preferred.
  • Language: Proficiency in the local language and English is essential.
  • Commitment to Values: Must align with our mission, vision, and commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

      • Must be detail-oriented, adaptable, and capable of multitasking.
      • Strong interpersonal skills are essential
      • Experience in a fast-paced, startup environment.
      • Proficient in using HR software and tools. 

      Kedonganan, Bali

      How to Apply:

      Interested candidates should send their CV and a brief cover letter detailing their experience and suitability for the role to

      Partner Sales Representative

      Are you a talented salesperson with a knack for fostering strong relationships? Are you passionate about exploring the best that Bali has to offer? is looking for an enthusiastic and results-driven Sales Partnership Representative to grow our business through partnership expansion.

      Your main goal will be to sell two types of services: 1) Top 10 Features for where we list the best venues in Bali for a monthly fee, and 2) Affiliate Partnerships, where you will sell, onboard, and manage B2B customers and incentivize them to sell tickets to their customers.


      • Drive revenue growth by selling Top 10 Features to venues in Bali, providing them with the opportunity to feature prominently on our platform for a monthly fee.
      • Onboard and manage B2B customers, guiding them through the setup process and assisting them in promoting and selling tickets.
      • Maintain regular contact with partners to ensure their satisfaction and resolve any issues.
      • Encourage partners to actively promote GoBoat on their social media platforms and physical locations.
      • Work with partners to update their listings monthly, highlighting any special events or promotions.
      • Monitor and report on partner sales activity and performance.
      • Actively seek out new partnership opportunities to further grow our network and reach.


      • Proven experience in sales, partnerships, or a similar role.
      • Excellent communication and relationship-building skills.
      • Exceptional ability to persuade and influence decision making.
      • Proven track record in achieving sales targets.
      • Strong negotiation and problem-solving abilities.
      • Good organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple accounts.
      • Proficiency in English and Indonesian is a must.
      • Familiarity with the tourism industry in Bali, specifically Canggu and Uluwatu, is a plus.
      • Self-motivated, with a strong desire to succeed in sales.
      • Ability to work independently, as well as part of a team.
      • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

      Monthly Base Salary + Commission

      Jimbaran, Bali + Remote

      How to Apply:
      Interested candidates should send their CV and a brief cover letter detailing their experience and suitability for the role to

      Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


      We are seeking a diligent and proactive Accountant to manage the accounts of several companies. The accountant will be responsible for creating expense reports, managing payroll, maintaining transaction traceability, managing banking activities, overseeing scheduling and cancellations, providing customer service, and maintaining confidentiality of financial information. The successful candidate will demonstrate a strong understanding of relevant financial procedures and regulations and will commit to ongoing learning and process improvement.

      Key Responsibilities:

      1. Expense Reports and Transfers: Create detailed expense reports for all employees, submit reports for approval, and initiate transfers as required.
      2. Payroll Management: Compile payroll data, ensure its accuracy, and process payroll using relevant tools and software.
      3. Transaction Traceability: Keep clear records of transactions and ensure all transactions are accurately documented and easily traceable.
      4. Handling Incoming Transactions: Monitor and record incoming transactions from various platforms, ensuring transactions are properly booked.
      5. Bank Management: Manage banking activities with various institutions and perform account reconciliations as necessary.
      6. Scheduling and Cancellation Management: Manage cancellations in assigned systems, including cancelling events, issuing related documents, informing stakeholders, and issuing vouchers.
      7. Customer Service: Respond to customer inquiries via various communication channels, and refer to FAQ or management for certain information requests.
      8. Delegation of Responsibilities: Delegate inquiries and legal questions to appropriate individuals.
      9. Confidentiality: Uphold the highest level of confidentiality of all financial information.
      10. Continuous Learning and Periodic Review: Stay updated with relevant procedures and regulations and regularly review and update standard operating procedures.


      • A Bachelor's degree in Accounting or a related field.
      • Fluent in english
      • Proven experience in accounting, ideally within a similar industry.
      • Proficiency in Xero accounting software.
      • A history of working with foreigners.
      • Experience with online payment platforms.
      • Strong understanding of financial regulations and taxation.
      • Excellent attention to detail and strong organizational skills.
      • Excellent customer service and communication skills.
      • Strong commitment to confidentiality.

      Kedonganan, Jimbaran

      The candidate is expected to provide their own transportation and arrange for their own accommodation.

      How to Apply:

      Interested candidates should send their CV and a brief cover letter detailing their experience and suitability for the role to with role as a subject.



      We're looking for a reliable and experienced Boat Captain to join our team at Goboat. As a Boat Captain, you'll be responsible for operating our boats safely while providing exceptional customer service to our passengers. The ideal candidate will be passionate about the water, have a deep understanding of navigation and safety procedures, and love interacting with people from all walks of life.

      Key Responsibilities:

      1. Boat Operation: Operate the boat in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring passenger safety and comfort at all times.
      2. Passenger Interaction: Provide excellent customer service by answering questions, providing information about the local area, and ensuring passengers have an enjoyable experience.
      3. Safety Protocol: Ensure the boat is equipped with proper safety equipment and that passengers are aware of safety procedures.
      4. Navigation: Use navigational tools to steer the boat along desired routes, being mindful of weather conditions and water traffic.
      5. Maintenance and Cleaning: Conduct regular inspections of the boat's systems and equipment, perform necessary maintenance tasks, and ensure the boat is clean and presentable at all times.
      6. Emergency Procedures: Be prepared to handle emergencies according to protocol, including evacuating passengers, administering first aid, or contacting emergency services.
      7. Record Keeping: Document trips, maintenance, and any incidents in the boat's logbook.


      • Previous experience as a Boat Captain or similar role.
      • Good English
      • Excellent customer service skills and a friendly demeanor.
      • Knowledge of boat operation, maintenance, and safety procedures.
      • Ability to navigate using compasses, charts, electronic equipment, and other navigational tools.
      • Physical fitness and the ability to respond effectively in emergency situations.
      • Familiarity with the local waterways and weather patterns is a plus.

      How to Apply:

      Interested candidates should send their CV and a brief cover letter detailing their experience and suitability for the role to

      Boat Skipper

      We are seeking a skilled and experienced Boat Skipper to join our team at GoBoat. The ideal candidate will have a solid background in boat operation, navigation, and safety procedures. As a Boat Skipper, you will be responsible for overseeing the safe and efficient operation of the boat, ensuring the safety and comfort of all passengers, and maintaining a high level of customer service.

      Key Responsibilities:

      1. Boat Operation: Operate the boat safely and efficiently, following all operational guidelines and procedures.
      2. Navigation: Use navigational instruments to plot and steer along a set course, accounting for tides, weather conditions, and other factors.
      3. Safety Management: Ensure the safety of all passengers and crew on board. This includes implementing and enforcing safety procedures, and ensuring that all on board are familiar with these procedures.
      4. Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service to passengers. This includes responding to questions, providing information about the journey or the surrounding area, and ensuring that passengers have a positive experience.
      5. Maintenance and Inspections: Conduct routine checks and maintenance of the boat's systems and equipment to ensure they are operating correctly. Document any issues and coordinate necessary repairs.
      6. Emergency Response: Be prepared to respond to emergency situations, including conducting rescue operations or providing first aid as necessary.


      • Good English
      • Proven experience as a Boat Skipper or similar role.
      • Comprehensive knowledge of marine safety procedures and the use of navigational instruments.
      • Strong customer service and interpersonal skills.
      • Ability to handle challenging situations with calm and efficiency.
      • Physical fitness and ability to handle demanding tasks.
      • First aid and CPR certification is a plus.

        How to Apply:

        Interested candidates should send their CV and a brief cover letter detailing their experience and suitability for the role to

        How to apply!

        Interested candidates should send their CV and a brief cover letter detailing their experience and suitability for the role to with the position in the subject field.