Bahasa Indonesia Want to be a GoBoat affiliate?

and earn money by selling tickets to your customers

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➞ Affiliate Partnerships

This program involves a tiered discount system, based on the volume of tickets purchased by our partners each month. Essentially this system acts as your commission structure, the more tickets you sell, the higher the discount (or commission) you earn.

The tiers are measured on a monthly basis, and prices will be updated once a tier has been reached.

The Partnership Program aims to encourage B2B partners to increase sales volume by offering attractive discounts, leading to a mutually beneficial collaboration and expanding the reach of our services.

➞ Increase your earnings

⦿ Bronze Partners

Partners ordering less than 50 tickets per month receive a 10% discount.

⦿ Silver Partners

Partners ordering between 50 and 199 tickets per month receive a 15% discount.

⦿ Gold Partners

Partners ordering 200 tickets or more per month receive a 20% discount.